Ivan Zuccon is the best thing to happen to Italian horror, arguably to horror cinema in general, in a long, long time. - M.J. Simpson
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June 5, Check out this new video interview with writer/director Ivan Zuccon at the Pandino Fantasy Book Festival...

June 5, I'm a little late on this one (as I was with the rest of them I suppose), but the Wrath of the Crows European premiere took place on June 2nd, at the festival Operazione Paura...

Click here for more (in Italian)...

June 5, A new, and very comprehensive, review of Wrath of the Crows has appeared online from longtime friend and supporter MJ Simpson...

"I expect good things from an Ivan Zuccon film, but Wrath exceeded even my high expectations, and for that I have to give serious consideration to awarding it my highest rating."

- MJ Simpson

Read the rest of it here (complete with spoilers)...

June 5, May 30th, Ivan Zuccon was in Rome at the House of Cinema, where he presented nine minutes of Wrath of the Crows footage to the Italian Press...

June 5, On May 26th, Ivan Zuccon attended the Pandino Fantasy Book Festival, and screened several clips from Wrath of the Crows...

May 9, With the Wrath of the Crows premiere already a week old, the reviews are starting to come in! Check out the links below, and watch for more in the weeks to come...

IMDb reviews
Planet Fury

May 9, Check out CNC World's (a 24 hr Beijing, China based news channel) video coverage of the film premiere from here! Please note that the film is referred to as "The Crows" several times, and Domi Arcangeli's is misspelled as Domiziano Arvangel...

May 9, Images from the premiere...

Actor Michael Segal

Actress Tara Cardinal and director Ivan Zuccon

May 9, Entertainment website Moveorama named writer/director Ivan Zuccon (seen here with actor Domi Arcangeli) "Artist Of The Week"! Check out their facebook page here...

May 9, Early coverage of the Wrath of the Crows premiere from filmhousetv.it (in Italian)...

May 2, The world premiere of Ivan Zuccon's latest shocker - Wrath of the Crows - is tonight at Hollywood's Cinespace! Ivan and some of the cast and crew will be in attendance...

Check out nonsologore.it for more news (in Italian), and watch this space for updates in the coming days...

April 27, Check out the new teaser trailer for Wrath of the Crows, which fangoria.com premiered a couple of days ago, exactly one week before the film makes its debut! The screening will take place Thursday, May 2 at Cinespace (6356 Hollywood Boulevard)...

Check out the teaser below, and be sure to head over to fangoria.com for more...

April 21, The world premiere of Wrath of the Crows, which takes place May 2nd at the Cinespace in Hollywood, is now less that two weeks away! Writer/director Ivan Zuccon and some members of the cast will be in attendance...

Check out the new "black raven version" of the official poster below...

April 14, Check out the latest batch of character posters Ivan created for his upcoming film, Wrath of the Crows. They showcase the wide range of characters the film has to offer, and the amazing actors that portray them...

April 11, With the premiere only weeks away, writer/director Ivan Zuccon has created several alternate promotional posters and character posters for Wrath of the Crows...

You can check them out below, and click here for coverage of the film, courtesy of bloody-disgusting.com...

March 30, Wrath of the Crows is set to make its world premiere Thursday, May 2nd at the Cinespace in Hollywood! The film stars Debbie Rochon, Tiffany Shepis, Tara Cardinal and Domiziano Arcangeli, and according to writer/director Ivan Zuccon, WotC is "...very gory and brutal, but tied by a strong concept and the whole story is focused on the characters' development. So there's not only splatter sequences, but also atmospheric moments, a few dream-like sequences and a final twist that will shock you all."

Click here for more exclusive info from fangoria.com...

March 30, Video Junkie, an excellent cult and exploitation movie review blog, takes a look back at Ivan's fourth feature length film Bad Brains (2006). Based on his 1998 short film Degenerazione, the film stars Emanuele Cerman, Valeria Sannino and Matteo Tosi...

Check out William Wilson's review here...

February 7, Ivan's previous feature Colour from the Dark - based on H.P. Lovecraft's The Colour Out of Space - is now available on iTunes! The film, which was originally released in 2010, stars Debbie Rochon, Michael Segal, Marysia Kay, Gerry Shanahan, Eleanor James, Matteo Tosi, Emmett Scanlan, and Alessandra Guerzoni...

Click here for details...

January 31, Ivan just passed along some amazing news in regards to Wrath of the Crows, his latest cinematic creation...

The world premiere for WotC will take place the week of April 7th (the specific date to be announced) at the CINESPACE in Hollywood! Ivan is also gearing up to shoot an additional scene from February 11th to the 14th, with new actors Carl Wharton, Chris Pybus, Svetlana Bekleseva, Andreea Togan, and Marcella Braga. Tiffany Shepis and Gerry Shanahan will also make their return. The scene promises to be huge, and involves a lot of special make-up effects...

This is an exciting time at Studio Interzona, so watch this space for more...

December 6,
This last update is the most exciting news we have released on the Studio Interzona website since the initial announcement of Wrath of the Crows

Next week, Saturday, December the 15th Ivan will present a special sneak peek of Wrath of the Crows at the Italian Horror Fest! The screening will be of a 30 minute "rough cut" of the forthcoming film…

Check out the official Italian Horror Fest site for details...

December 6, Head over to Manifesto 0 for a new interview with writer/director Ivan Zuccon (in Italian)…

December 6, Ivan sends word that post-production on Wrath of the Crows is moving along very quickly now, with the help of new VFX supervisor Luca Auletta and his staff…

You can view his portfolio here, as well as here (through his Phaos Studio)…

December 6, Congratulations to Ivan for being a finalist (in the category Horror) in the 2012 Hollywood Screenplay contest, for his written work Sudarium

Click here for a complete list of finalists…

December 6, There is a fantastic article on the current state of Italian horror cinema which focuses on the work of Ivan Zuccon over at hemlockbooks.co.uk. It was written by friend and supporter M J Simpson, and covers everything from Ivan's debut, The Darkness Beyond, through his latest, The Wrath of Crows, currently in post-production...

Check it out here...

July 15, Ivan recently announced that the world premiere of Wrath of the Crows will be in February of 2013 in Los Angeles, California! An exact date and venue has not been revealed, but further details should be forthcoming...

July 15, There's a new interview with Ivan up on the Dr. Terror's Blog of Horrors as part of their "Italian Horror Week: The Rebirth of the Italian Horror Empire"! Check it out here...

June 19, More NyMpha news as the film will finally be hitting the UK on DVD and select cinema's courtesy of Trash House Cinema Productions. Details are forthcoming...

June 7, Writer/director Ivan Zuccon has created a series of lobby cards for his upcoming feature, Wrath of the Crows, which you can see below! The images originally appeared on Ivan's facebook page...

April 27, Ivan's film NyNpha, starring Tiffany Shepis, is now available through VOD distribution in Italy. Click here for details...

If you are unfamiliar with the film, you can check out a review over on the "Arrow in the Head" forums here...

February 24, We have amazing news to share today as Ivan's 2008 feature Colour from the Dark will go theatrical in Italy beginning in March! The film stars Debbie Rochon, Michael Segal, Matteo Tosi, Marysia Kay, Emmett J. Scanlan and Gerry Shanahan...

Click here for details...

February 24, Actor Domiziano Arcangeli talks Wrath of the Crows with Dawna Lee Heising at the Film 4 Life US meeting held recently at the Villa Francesca in Malibu, CA...

Head over to morehorror.com for the video interview...

January 15,
Buzz from the Wrath of the Crows trailer has spread across the internet, with coverage coming from some of the biggest names in horror like fangoria.com, shocktillyoudrop.com and Dread Central, and maybe more importantly, from over a dozen indie horror sites including horror-movies.ca, horrormovie.it, horrorcultfilms.co.uk and splattercontainer.com...

Check out more links below...

- igorslab.com

January 4, Happy New Year everyone, 2012 is off to a great start with the debut of the first teaser trailer for Ivan's latest, Wrath of the Crows! The film stars Tiffany Shepis, Debbie Rochon, Tara Cardinal and Domiziano Arcangeli...

Check it out below...

September 8,
Writer/director Ivan Zuccon sent another batch of Wrath of the Crows images to whet our appetite! Look for the official WoC site to launch soon...

All photos courtesy of and © 2011 Marija Obradovic

September 2, Check out the latest batch of behind-the-scenes images from Wrath of the Crows below...

All photos courtesy of and © 2011 Marija Obradovic

August, 29 Wrath of the Crows set reports, days 29 and 30!

Day 29, August 26th

We shot pick-ups today without actors, details, effects stuff, head explosions with a "squib", guns shots...there were a lot of little things that we finished later in the day also. The work was very relaxed and we had fun. My wife played Tiffany Shepis' body-double and my daughter helped my 1st assistant Eugenia; this made me so proud!

Day 30, August 27th

This is the last day of shooting. We shot a scene with a young Charlie. I played the very small role. It was funny for me to play a role, and I can say for sure that it was uncomfortable to be at the opposite end of the camera. The scene with me was the last one, principal photography of the movie is finished.

While shooting this movie, I've seen a lot of talent in every department; this was the best cast/crew I have ever had. I want to thank everyone who worked on this film, people that will be in my heart forever!!

I hope to start post-production soon, stay tuned!

Ivan Zuccon

August 26, Wrath of the Crows set report, Day 28!

Day 28, August 25th

The last day of shooting with actors. We started with two pick-ups, one for scene one, the other for scene 10, and then it was time for one of the most complex scenes in the whole movie. A flashback scene where the three soldiers kill each other under a heavy rain. The set-up took a lot of time. We used three different rain machines and the actors were in the rain for most of the night. It was tough for them, but they gave me great performances.

Tomorrow we'll have some FX stuff and some details to pick-up, all without actors. We have almost finished the production. I'm happy because it was a very physically demanding film for me, but I'm sad because I miss all the guys, my crew and all the actors and people involved in this film.

Ivan Zuccon

August 25, Wrath of the Crows set report, day 27!

Day 27, August 24th

I was thinking about the three soldiers today, and I realized how good a choice it was to assign these roles to the Italian actors Michael Segal, Matteo Tosi and Giuseppe Gobbato. Three different actors with three different talents. When I see Michael Segal with the Officer uniform on, I see him transformed.

Tonight we shot scene two with the soldiers and John Game (as Skinny). Again John gave me an outstanding performance, and the soldiers and the Officer did exactly the same. I especially enjoyed the rage and madness shown by Michael Segal when he attempts to drown Skinny.
There was a lot of Special FX with the teeth extraction and the death of Skinny.

This was the last day for John Game. He was amazing. I think he had the most physically demanding role of the film and he showed me he is a true actor.

Ivan Zuccon

August 25, Wrath of the Crows set reports, days 24, 25, 26!

Day 24, August 21st

Today, before I went to the set, I watched some footage, and there's a lot of amazing stuff. I looked at the footage of the tunnel location and it looks very scary. The material we did with Debbie and Suzi at the circus location is very entertaining. Suzi Lorraine's Pierrot Make-up is very nice and she looks great with the short black wig. Great Special FX as well, with the axe in Suzi's head.

Let's start with today's scenes. Today we shot Suzi's last scene, number six, a very dramatic scene. Both actors, John Game and Suzi Lorraine, were great. John is a fine talent; Suzi impressed me when she had to cry in the dramatic scene. An amazing scene, I'm very happy.

Today is the day that both Debbie Rochon and Suzi Lorraine leave the set. It was sad to see them leave; I hope to see them again soon.

Day 25, August 22nd

A day-off…

Day 26, August 23rd

We shot scene one and scene eight today, with John Game who plays Skinny and the soldier. It was a great night with a lot of complicated camera angles and complex action.

It was physically demanding, but very, very fun. A big thanks to all the people involved, cast and crew, the material we shot tonight was really great!

We finished at 7:00 am, and after work, when I started to relax a bit myself, I realized that this is the first day on set without Debbie Rochon (she was with us from day one). I miss her so much, I miss her immense talent, and I miss her big heart and personality...I consider her a very good friend and I can't thank her enough for all she did for this movie.

Ivan Zuccon

August 23, Wrath of the Crows set reports, days 21, 22, 23!

Day 21, August 18th

Scene 51 and 52 today, with Debbie Rochon, Tara Cardinal, Matteo Tosi and Giuseppe Gobbato. Drama and action in these scenes. Debbie and Matteo show their respective talent in acting, in scene 51. What a great combo they are when they act together!

In scene 52, Tara and Giuseppe showed their skill in action scenes, with some Special FX too. It was a long night, but we finished the program and we are on schedule.

Day 22, August 19th

We changed locations for today's scene. We are in a tunnel, where Spoon and the soldiers are. The location is great, but full of dust. This is also the last day on set for actress Tara Cardinal. I'll miss her. She did a great job on set, especially in the dramatic scenes.

This is also the last day for my friend, and talented actor, Emanuele Cerman. His portrayal of Spoon will be considered a cult classic in the future, he was outstanding.

Day 23, August 20th

Circus scenes with Debbie Rochon and Suzi Lorraine today. Thanks to my crew members Matteo and Carlo who helped us with the set design and with a lot of circus objects.

The most fun thing was to watch Debbie Rochon learn how to throw knives and an axe for the scene.

Debbie finished the last of her scenes tonight. She will also be here tomorrow, because her flight doesn't leave until Monday.

Actor John Game arrived on set. He looks perfect for the role of Skinny. Tomorrow he will start working, can't wait to see his acting.

Ivan Zuccon

August 18, Wrath of the Crows set reports, days 18, 19, 20!

Day 18, August 15th

We started by making up scene 64 with the characters, Spoon and Charlie, the old man. It's the final scene of the movie, so we made sure everything was accurate. We used the crane for the shot. Spoon is a very weird role, and Emanuele did a terrific job with the characterization. The film ends with an extreme close-up, a big responsibility for him. After this scene was done we started with the program of today.

Next we shot a great scene in a church (with wonderful Make-up FX on the priest's face, realized by the CreaFX guys, a very impressive piece of prosthetic art), when Hugo kills the priest that performs miracles, and a scene in Spoon's hideout, where he kills one of his victims. For the victim I've called my friend Roberta Marrelli, a great friend of mine and a great actress too. It was a great pleasure to see her on my set. We finished at 8:00 am, very, very late. This was because we had some problems with the Make-up FX. We will try to fix these issues during the next few days.

Day 19, August 16th

Tonight we shot Liza's dream sequence. Everything went smoothly. A very nice scene, very surreal. I love these kinds of things. Then we prepared the scene with Spoon, when he is daydreaming. The scene was so much fun; we had a lot of laughs! We needed a fun scene, so now we are a bit more relaxed and can afford a very dramatic scene with Tara Cardinal. This was the scene where the character Liza sees her three dead daughters. A very intense scene and a great job by Tara Cardinal. We finished at 4:00 am. Not bad…more hours to get some rest before the next day, that will be a tough one.

Day 20, August 17th

This will be the last day for Irish actor Gerry Shanahan. We finished all of his shots. He did all his work with "blind" contacts in, and he's truly blind when they are covering his eyes. It was a tough night for him because the two scenes huge ones.

We finished late, but we shot almost everything. Just a couple of camera angles to make up. Debbie Rochon impressed me again with her great acting.

Suzi Lorraine arrived on set today. She's an amazing, gorgeous woman, and very, very sweet. She will play different roles in the movie. Tonight she played the black souls. She was very good, and she wore full body make-up for the role. Her whole body as painted black. It looked sexy and scary at the same time. A very long night but I had a lot of fun!

Ivan Zuccon

August 15, More behind-the-scenes images from the set of Wrath of the Crows...

All photos courtesy of and © 2011 Marija Obradovic

August 15, Wrath of the Crows set reports, day 16 and 17!

Day 16, August 13th

Today we introduced a new character named Spoon. The role, played by actor Emanuele Cerman, is a mentally handicapped person who serves the slop in the prison. It's a fun role and Emanuele did an excellent job with it. We worked a lot with the crew to set up the camera, and this took a lot of time. We finished late and now we have to recover a scene.

Actor Domiziano Arcangeli finished his work on set. He's a very kind person. I'll miss him, and I hope to work with him again in the future.

Day 17, August 14th

A much deserved day-off for the cast and crew, but not for me. I shot some scenes with my seven year old daughter. She plays "young Debby" and the three twins in Liza's flashbacks. I had a lot of fun working with my daughter. My wife helped me too with my little one, Miriam. We finished at 11 pm. After that, it was time for some rest.

Ivan Zuccon

August 14,
Wrath of the Crows set reports, days 13, 14 and 15!

Day 13, August 10th

We started with close-ups of scenes 1, 10 and 11. Filming started very early, before the sun went down. Our actors did a terrific job.

Then it was time for the fight scene between Tiffany Shepis and Debbie Rochon. The scene is very big, with many camera angles and some Make-up FX.

The two actresses were amazing, and we had a lot of fun watching them fight.

Day 14, August 11th

We started on scene 24 at dawn, with actor Domiziano Arcangeli. It's a nice flash back scene with the character Larry who kills one of his victims. We shot this outside with beautiful sunlight at dawn.

Then it was the time for scene 63. A great scene with almost all the prison set in frame. We needed some time to set the lights and truck. Tiffany Shepis acted with Gerry Shanahan, who plays Charlie, the old wise and blind man. Both did a great job. I'm so happy with the scene, but I'm also sad, because it was Tiffany Shepis' last scene. Tomorrow she will go home, and I will miss her a lot. I can't thank her enough for the fantastic job she did on my film. I hope to work with her again soon.

Day 15, August 12th

We are now in the middle of the production. It's incredible how fast time goes when you are making a movie, crazy!

Only dream sequences tonight, specifically, scenes 33, 34 and 35.

We started with Hugo's dream. Preparing the set was complex, because during the dream it starts raining inside of the prison. We built a fake cell in exterior, and used three different rain machines. The shot was fantastic and very realistic.

Then it was time for Debbie's dream. The scene contains some Special FX and a great performance from Debbie Rochon. I love her talent, she is a true artist.

Then we shot Larry's dream with Domiziano Arcangeli. During the scene he is covered by barbed wire. The scene was impressive, and the FX guys did a great job and so did Domiziano Arcangeli. The preparation took hours, but Domiziano had a lot of patience.

Ivan Zuccon

August 10, New behind-the-scenes images from Wrath of the Crows! Also, check out several new set reports below...

All photos courtesy of and © 2011 Marija Obradovic

August 10, Wrath of the Crows set report, day 12!

Day 12, August 9th

Crazy schedule tonight. We had several FX scenes, including scene 39, when Larry kills Hugo with a machete and scene 43, when Tiffany Shepis extracts the heart of a prisoner. A lot of stuff to do; we finished very late, around 7:00 am.

Roberto D'Onofrio is filming some making-of footage that looks very fun!!

I'm looking at the footage right now; I must say it looks amazing!

Ivan Zuccon

August 10, Wrath of the Crows set report, day 11!

Day 11, August 8th

We started earlier with the angle shots of scene 37 we had to recoup. Everything went fine so we finished fast. Then it was time for two very interesting dialogue scenes. I used traveling shots for both of the masters of scene, and then I did close-ups and medium shots to cover all the actors and dialogues. A very good day of work.

The only bad thing is that my friend and collaborator on set Edoardo, was forced to leave the set due to family problems. I hope he'll be back soon.

Ivan Zuccon

August 10, Wrath of the Crows set report, day 10!

Day 10, August 7th

We only shot scene 37 today, but it's a huge scene with a lot of action and Special FX. Its Liza's execution scene, killed by a gun shot from the terrible Officer. We weren't able to finish the entire scene because dawn arrived. We only have a couple of angles to recoup the next day.

My friend (journalist, reporter and photographer) Roberto D'Onofrio arrived on set today. It's a great joy for me, because I have a lot of respect for him, and he's someone I love like a brother. He will be staying on set for ten days or so. He's also a very good friend to Tiffany Shepis and Debby Rochon, so there's very good alchemy on the set now.

Ivan Zuccon

August 9, Ivan Zuccon has provided us with the first batch of Wrath of the Crows images, which you can check out below! Check back tomorrow for the latest set reports...

All photos courtesy of and © 2011 Marija Obradovic

August 7, Wrath of the Crows set report, day nine!

Day 9, August 6th

Tonight was the night of some very good Special FX scenes. Waiting for Tiffany Shepis' Make-up FX, we started working on a beautiful dialogue scene between actors Brian Fortune and Domi Arcangeli. The scene was great. It was fun to see Brian eating the prison slop during the scene. Brian is so natural when he acts, a true talent.

Then we shot the FX scene with Tiffany. The make-up looks something like an undead witch, and it worked out very well. Tiffany's acting skills helped a lot too. She looked scary and sexy at the same time!

Ivan Zuccon

August 6, Wrath of the Crows set report, day eight!

Day 8, August 5th

Tonight we started with some crane shots, showing the entire prison in an birds-eye point of view, while the prisoners are sleeping. The shots are spectacular.

Then we started with scene 21. It's a physical confrontation between Debbie Rochon and Tiffany Shepis. In the end Debbie throws a knife at Tiffany, and the Special FX looked very nice. I love to see Tiffany Shepis covered in fake blood, she looks amazing. The shot with Tiffany is very good, and intense. She is a great actress.

Ivan Zuccon

August 5, Wrath of the Crows set report, day seven!

Day 7, August 4th

We shot three scenes tonight, 17, 18 and 19. We started with scene 19, and used a crane for some amazing camerawork. We needed time to set-up, but once we finished, we started filming with Debbie Rochon and the scene turn out beautiful.

Scene 17 was another fight scene between the dog-soldier (Giuseppe Gobbato) and Liza (Tara Cardinal). I shot this scene using only the hand-held camera, and it worked out very well. I used more hand-held camerawork in my past movies, because I want to convey tension to the audience and help them to better feel the emotions of the characters.

Scene 18 was a dialogue scene. There's a very intense confrontation between Tiffany Shepis and Debbie Rochon, both are great actresses, and the scene was amazing. We had a fun moment when Debbie spit blood on Tiffany's face, and we had a lot of laughs shooting the prisoner, Larry (Domiziano Arcangeli), who started the scene by peeing in a bucket in his cell. We finished at 6:00 am, but we finished everything on the program, so I'm very happy!

Ivan Zuccon

August 4, Day six on Wrath of the Crows!

Day 6, August 3rd

Shooting with the raven wasn't easy. We started with some easy shots on the river and everything went smoothly. We then went to the jail set and had rehearsals with it and the crow was very quite and behaved like a true actor. Unfortunately, when all the actors were on their cell phones, the bird became nervous and started flying everywhere except where it was supposed to. We were unable to get the shot, so we stopped and started filming another scene without the crow.

The next scene was an action sequence between the characters Liza and the officer. The scene was very complex. Almost the entire cast was on set, all the prisoners and all of the soldiers. Everything went very well, so at the end, we started with the crow again. The bird calmed down, and we were able to shot some, but I need more, so I think I will have to call the trainers [of the crow] again before the end of the shoot.

We were unable to shot scene 19, so we will have to pick it up tomorrow.

Ivan Zuccon

August 3, Days four and five are in the can! Check out Ivan's set reports below...

Day 4, August 1st

Today we finally start shooting inside the jail. The set is amazing. My father Valerio Zuccon, the set designer, did a great job. We started shooting late because we had to set up all the lighting on the set. The set is big, and it took a long time. At midnight we started filming.

Two new actors have arrived, Domiziano Arcangeli and Brian Fortune. Both are fine actors. We only had scene 11 to shoot, but it was a complex scene with a lot of dialogue. It's the scene that introduces all the film’s characters, a very important one. The scene has more than 30 different camera angles, so it’s a very complex one. We weren't able to finish the whole scene, because dawn came. At 5:30 am we stopped working. We will finish the scene tomorrow.

Day 5, August 2nd

Now that the set is properly lit, and all the lights are set up, we were able to start filming early. We finished scene 11 from yesterday and started scenes 13 and 15.

I thank God for the high quality actors involved in this film; they are smart and talented. We finished at 4:00 am, so we were able to go home, not too late, and get more rest. The next day will be tough, we have a complex action scene, and we will also have the crow on set for scene 11.

Ivan Zuccon

August 2, Ivan Zuccon's set reports for days two and three are in! Check them out below...

Day 2, July 30th

Day two was an easy one. We shot the monks by the river where the inquisitor (played by my old friend Emanuele Cerman) gives Tiffany Shepis' character the death sentence for witchcraft.

This is Emanuele Cerman's big return. It has been many years since we have worked together, and it's nice to see him working on my set again.

We then shot pick-ups of Tara and Debbie during their escape from prison, in another wooded location.

In the afternoon we worked with actor Gerry Shanahan who plays Charlie, a very wise old man. He looks impressive with his long beard, white wig, tunic and white lenses (used because he's blind). He's also a terrific actor, so the shots were really beautiful.

We finished early so for once we were able to go home and get some rest because tomorrow we start shooting at night!

Day 3, July 31st

Once again we are on the river's beach. The shoot took place at night with a back light and a lot of torches around Tiffany Shepis, who was tied up and wounded after the death sentence. This scene is the meeting between her character and Charlie, the wise man. In it, he saves her life and she runs away. The tracking shot was amazing, with a circular track, so the camera can go around Tiffany Shepis and Gerry Shanahan, and through the torches. The fire is very impressive on screen, and I'm really happy with the shots.

Then we shot the monks that find and kill the witch, by beating her with sticks. We had a lot of laughs with this scene, because the monks destroyed the Tiffany dummy and sticks, because of how hard they were hitting it. It was a lot of fun.

At the end, we had the bonfire where the inquisitor burns the witch. Emanuele Cerman did an extremely good job acting in Latin. After the line of his lines, he lights the torch and the pyre starts. It was an visually amazing sequence.

Ivan Zuccon

August 1, Here it is, straight from the set! The first in a series of reports on the making of Wrath of the Crows...

Day 1, July 29th

Day one was physically intense. We started in the morning with running scenes in the woods, with actresses Debbie Rochon and Tara Cardinal. These are the scenes in which two prisoners escape from jail. The setup was nice, with a dolly and 20 meters of track into the woods. The crew was fantastic and so were Debbie and Tara. At one point, due to the amount of running involved, Debbie suffered from cramps, but she continued working. I admire her passion and strength, and I'm so happy to have her on my set.

After that we shot a flash back with Tiffany Shepis, that involved Makeup FX (wounds and blood). The shoot went as smooth as ever with Tiffany, and even with the Makeup FX on her face, she looks extremely beautiful.

That afternoon we changed locations, to a beach near the river. Shooting in sand is a nightmare, but the scene turned out amazing, especially the fight between Tara Cardinal (who is an exceptional fighter) and actor Giuseppe Gobbato.

The first day is done and we are all tired, but happy, because we were able to shoot all the scenes on the schedule! Now we must prepare for day two!!

Ivan Zuccon

July 29, Production on Wrath of the Crows is underway, and news of the film is spreading, particularly in Ivan's native Italy! Coverage of the film can be found on vampireerotica.net, rovigooggi.it, screensoda.it (the latter two in Italian) and Italy's DARK Magazine (see image below)...

Updates from the set are forthcoming...

July 24, Principal photography on Wrath of the Crows begins July 29th!

July 11, Italian/American actor Domiziano Arcangeli has replaced Emmet Scanlan, who bowed out of Wrath of the Crows, and Giuseppe Gobbato (Nympha, The Darkness Beyond) has also joined the cast...

July 10, Check out Splattercontainer.com for cast pics and an alternate poster image for Ivan's forthcoming film, Wrath of the Crows! Filming is set to begin at the end of the month, so check back for updates...

July 10, Actor John Game has joined the cast of Wrath of the Crows...

June 13, Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis (Nympha) talks The Frankenstein Syndrome and Wrath of the Crows with mlive.com...

June 13, Horror.it covers Wrath of the Crows here (in Italian)...

May 26, Ivan has announced that his previous feature Colour from the Dark, starring Debbie Rochon and Michael Segal, will screen theatrically in India! Details are forthcoming...

May 26, Check out Indie Horror.it for more Wrath of the Crows coverage (in Italian)...

May 19, Scream queen Suzi Lorraine (Torment, Won Ton Baby!) and Irish actor Brian Fortune have joined the Wrath of the Crows cast, with Suzi taking on three different roles in the film...

May 19, MJ Simpson and Ivo Gazzarrini (writer of Bad Brains, Nympha and Colour from the Dark) cover Wrath of the Crows...

April 29, Head over to fangoria.com for early coverage of Ivan Zuccon's Wrath of the Crows...

April 28, Ivanzuccon.com has amazing news to announce today, as Ivan has sent word of his latest project, Wrath of the Crows! The forthcoming film will be produced by Ivan Zuccon and Roberta Marrelli, from a screenplay by Ivan and Gerardo Di Filippo. Make-up effects will be handled by CreaFX...

The amazing cast includes Tiffany Shepis and Debbie Rochon, who turned in beautiful performances in Nympha and Colour from the Dark respectively, Tara Cardinal (Delivery, Song of the Shattered) and Zuccon regulars Michael Segal (Nympha, Colour from the Dark), Matteo Tosi (Unknown Beyond, Bad Brains), Emanuele Cerman (The Darkness Beyond, The Shunned House), Emmett Scanlan and Gerry Shanahan (both from Colour from the Dark)…

Production is scheduled for 5-weeks in August, 2011...

About the film: In a filthy, cramped jail, prisoners Larry, Deborah, Hugo, Hernest and Liza are obliged to suffer injustices from the guards and their chief, The Officer.

Controlling them all is The Judge, a man no one has ever seen. Yet he is the one who sets the rules and is feared by inmates and guards alike.

The prisoners know how to behave and what rules are to be respected, but none of them remember life outside the walls of the fortress where they now reside.

Their only memory, which slowly emerges during the story, is of a great evil that led them to the fortress and the seemingly endless length of time they have been imprisoned there.

Suddenly, a new prisoner appears out of nowhere; The Princess.

She is beautiful, dressed in a coat of crow feathers, shining, sweet-smelling, sensual.

Her appearance creates curiosity in the other inmates, but also envy, suspicion and a deep sexual agitation.

The Princess quickly reveals her dark, supernatural nature, as she can move objects with her mind and is extremely powerful.

The prisoner's dream of escape, even though they have no idea what awaits them outside the fortress walls, nor are they interested; the only thing that matters is to escape from the doomed prison. But you can't escape from yourself or your past.

In the end, the prisoners realize that the entire prison, inside and out, is a terrifying mirror game, where reality and illusion collide, and nightmares become real, throwing them into an endless vortex of terror and madness.

April 19, Please note: The official site for The Shunned House is no longer online...

February 24, The Shunned House and Colour from the Dark will screen at the Imagi-Movies Film Festival as part of the H.P. Lovecraft block! The festival, which is sponsored by Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine, will take place April 8-10, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA...

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